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Metal & metal chips shredding

SOYU provides customers with an assortment of metal shredders and recycling plants. Scrap metal recycling is simplified and transportation costs are lowered when the metal pieces are shredded with high power equipment.

Our metal shredders can be custom-tailored according to your capacity requirements and discharge particle size requirements. Differential-speed rotation of shafts feature tearing, pressing and occlusion functions. Screen units are made of wear-resistant steel, which extends its service life. The metal shredders are ideal for size reduction of large-volume and hard to crush materials. The discharge particle size is consistent, uniform and controllable.

  • Iron cuttings, sheet iron
  • Copper cuttings, sheet copper
  • Steel cuttings, sheet steel
  • Sheet aluminum, baled aluminum, aluminum scrap
  • Unaltered or packaged demolished cars (also with engine)


Metal chip shredding machine
 Aluminum shredder