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SOYU has a complete service system covering pre-sales to after-sales. We also provide high-quality non-standard customization services to better fit your individual application requirements. For after-sales installation, debugging and maintenance, our professional technicians will provide you with the in-time superior service. Our team has abundant working experience, excellent professional skills and have been well trained.

Non-standard customization
Shredder & Crusher customization
1. A suitable shredder is chosen according to the size and features of the materials to be shred and output requirements.

2. A suitable material feeding and discharge method is select according to the material features and production site conditions. Common material feeding means include: chain conveyor feeding, belt conveyor feeding, elevating conveyor feeding, etc. Special feeding system is also available based on customer’s needs.

3. Machine height and discharge height can be customized.

4. A variety of screens with different mesh hole size are provided to satisfy the discharge particle size requirements.
Recycling plant customization
Based on the feeding material size and requirements of subsequent steps, customized recycling plants are provided to meet customer’s expectations. SOYU custom recycling plants are small-footprint, energy saving and environmentally friendly equipment sets.
Installation and debugging
1. Single machine: SOYU standard single shredders are easy to operate and start-up—you only need to connect the power line to the electricity box. In order to save the purchasing cost for customers, SOYU offers off-site technical guidance service.

2. Non-standard complete plant: according to customer’s requirements, we can provide on-site installation and debugging service. We will help customers to train operators and offer routine maintenance service, including operation procedure training, easy failure predication, shaft greasing, hydraulic station oil change, etc.
1. Detailed operating instructions, quick-wear parts list and routine maintenance service are provided.

2. We provide the quickest response and assistance to customer’s machine failure. If necessary, on-site maintenance is available.

3. Quick-wear parts like blades are offered at a competitive price.
Machine parts
SOYU has proactively considered the components replacement in machine design step. We have utilized internationally common parts, such as shafts, seals, chain wheels, belt wheels, motors and etc. which is convenient for customers to replace the broken components efficiently and decrease the down-time.