Retired battery recycling system

Retired battery recycling system

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The battery contains a large number of valuable metals, such as cobalt, nickel, copper, aluminum, iron, etc. It is an inexhaustible urban mine. Standardized recycling of waste batteries can not only create economic benefits, but also avoid environmental pollution caused by waste batteries and save resources. According to relevant nationa industry regulations, the recycling process of waste batteries includes discharge, coarse crushing, pyrolysis, fine crushing, sorting and other processes. The waste lithium battery recovery system designed and developed by SOYU can realize the recovery of diaphragm, black powder, electrolyte and other materials through different treatment processes.
Product structure
Oxygen free crushing system
Anaerobic crushing system: in the case of nitrogen or other inert gases are flushed into a sealed environment, the material is transported to the crushing chamber through sealed conveying equipment. Conduct primary shredding of the battery pack (block) through shredder;

Control system
The intelligent automatic control system controls all production units of the whole line, including one-key start/stop, status monitoring, data analysis, fault diag-nosis, personalized data report, alam linkage and other functions. The key equipment of the whole line is equipped with intelligent sensing devices to monitor the operation data in real time and feed back to the control system in real time.

Fully sealed conveying system
Fully sealed conveying and negative pressure central dust removal system to reduce dust and ensure a clean on-site environment. During the crushing process, high closure and no waste gas and dust leakage ensure the workshop and production operation safety.

Vibrating screening system
The material is conveyed to a vibrating screening system through negative pressure, which uniformly conveys the initially separated material for secondary screening.

Crushing screening system
Through equipment such as screw silo, the material is uniformly conveyed to a secondary crushing equipment to be crushed to about 8mm! The battery powder and metal are transported remotely through a negative pressure system!
Rendering after crushing