four shaft shredder

Four shaft shredder (FS180 Series)

The four shaft shredder is applicable for the most size reduction and heavy duty applications.  The special cutting shaft structure allows for simultaneous pre-shredding and secondary shredding, which significantly improves the production efficiency.
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FS180 series are heavy-duty machines. They have advantages in standardization and modularization design, high interchangeability for their components. Their blades are made of special alloy steel with high strength, strong antiwear and reparability. The drive part takes advantage of 4 motors, heavy planet gear boxes to make main shafts rotate at different speeds. The electric part takes advantage of SIEMENS PLC program and touch screen control with video monitor system and the automatic detecting overload protection function. They have low rotation speed, big torque and low noise characters. So they have won customers’ trust and got popularity in the shredding process in the recycle industry
They fit for shredding large and hard objects such as car body,solid industrial waste ,medical waste, e-waste, plastic pail, plastic frame, plastic bottle, metal can, metal pail, intertexture bag, fridge, electric circuit board, paper box, wood and so on.

  •  Applications:

-Bucket products: plastic bucket, metal drum, paint bucket, intermediate -bulk container    (IBC) and dustbin

-Wastes: household waste, medical waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, park waste

-Plastic products: plastic bottle, plastic frame, plastic block, plastic can

-Metal products: aluminum profile, oil filter, car shell, pop-top can, metal can

-Paper: newspaper, card paper, corrugated paper, copy paper

-Electronic appliances: refrigerator, circuit board, laptop shell, TV set shell, CD disk


Hydraulic ram
Hydraulic ram: ideal for processing large hollow products. Improves the throughput.
Drive train
Drive train: hydraulic drive or motor drive is available to suit different applications.
Screen unit
Screen unit: screens with a variety of structures and mesh hole sizes are selectable. Side pull screen can be provided for easy maintenance.
Rotor: “V” spiral arrangement cutter blades bring uniform shredding forces. Auxiliary blades can automatically clean the main blades. The two-side abrasion-resistant sidewall liners are made from HARDOX wear-resistant steel plates.
Sealing system
Sealing system: multiple sealing structure can effectively prevent material pollution. The superior bearing is durable and sturdy.

Electric system
Electric system: SIEMENS PLC control offers auto detection and overload protection functions. The main electronic components are all from international famous brands.
Model Motor power Main blade thickness Main blade rotation diameter Cutting chamber dimensions(mm) Overall dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) Weight
FS4030 1.5KW 18.5mm φ180mm 400x300mm 850x600x1650mm 1600kg
FS6650 7.5KW 18.5mm φ230mm 660x500mm 1600x800x1940mm 1000kg
FS8040 2x11KW 18.5mm φ245mm 800x400mm 1940x1200x2065mm 1600kg
FS8060 2x11KW 800x600mm 2130x1200x2065mm 1800kg
FS8080 2x11KW 800x800mm 2360x1200x2065mm 2000kg
FS9080 2x22KW 25mm φ290mm 900x800mm 2690x1450x2450mm 3500kg
FS90100 2x22KW 900x1000mm 2890x1450x2450mm 4200kg
FS10080 2x30KW 40mm φ320mm 1000x800mm 2620x1800x2500mm 5000kg
FS100100 2x30KW 1000x1000mm 2820x1800x2500mm 5500kg
FS100120 2x30KW 1000x1200mm 3020x1800x2500mm 6000kg
FS100140 2x30KW 1000x1400mm 3220x1800x2500mm 6500kg
FS130100 2x15+2x30KW 50mm φ430mm 1300x1000mm 3550x2000x3100mm 11500kg
FS130120 2x15+2x30KW 1300x1200mm 3650x2000x3100mm 12500kg
FS130140 2x15+2x37KW 1300x1400mm 3850x2000x3100mm 13500kg
FS130180 2x15+2x37KW 1300x1800mm 4250x2000x3100mm 15500kg
FS160140 2x30+2x45KW 50mm φ534mm 1600x1400mm 4160x2200x3630mm 17000kg
FS160160 2x30+2x45KW 1600x1600mm 4360x2200x3630mm 18000kg
FS160200 2x30+2x55KW 1600x2000mm 4560x2200x3630mm 19000kg