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Plastics & Textiles

SOYU plastic shredders are designed to crush scrap plastic into small pieces and particles for recycling or disposal. We have standard and customizable plastic shredders and crushers according to your material and throughput requirements. If you need to crush super-hard plastic materials like nylon, ABC, PC, and other heavy-duty engineering plastics, let us know.

A welded steel structure is adopted as the enclosure of the plastic shredder. The machine design allows for fast and easy cleaning, replacement and maintenance. The shafts can be configured with air aggregate devices and sound insulation systems upon request.

  • Plastic containers
  • Films
  • Sheet
  • Pipe
  • Plastic profiles

◆ Single shaft shredder,shredding plastic lump   watch video

◆ Single shaft shredder,shredding plastic bags   watch video

◆ Single shaft shredder,shredding waste plastic bags    watch video


◆ Two shaft shredder,shredding plastic bottle   watch video


◆ Two shaft shredder,shredding FRP    watch video


◆ Four shaft shredder,shredding plastic    watch video

◆Four shaft shredder,shredding plastic barrel 

◆ Four shaft shredder,shredding plastic pallet    watch video

◆ Four shaft shredder,shredding FRP    watch video